The Journey

My Spiritual Journey

Hi, My name is Coco. I’m 30 years old. I was the second child of four children. In past I was very boast. I was raised in an affluent family, although not rich. in 1998, I continued my study at one private university and I majored in industrial engineering. In the same year, my parents retire as an employee of Pertamina. At that moment, my parents moved to Magelang to spend his old age. My siblings also moved to continue their education over there. So I was alone in jakarta. After graduating from college, soon I immediately get a job at the largest bancassurance company in Indonesia. Two years there, I want to get a better position than at the time. Shortly thereafter, I then get an offer as a BM in magazine advertising company.Although I became head of the branch, but there are many things that I feel is contrary to conscience. Many policy owners who require me to be unpleasant to the staff of my men.

Exactly one year there, I decided to resign from that job. I think it is easy for me to get a job because of the experience I have. While I was applying for a job again, I then opened a business to gain revenue. I use all the savings I have and the rest owed to the Bank to open a music studio business. Indeed many companies that call the test to me, but everything I go through with failure. At that moment, I pray to God, O God, if I’ll be able to work, I’d love to get Bla..Bla..Bla Rupiah. I am sure I will get a salary for it, because I applied at several world-scale oil company. But it did not happen. I’ve almost 4 months jobless, while My Studios Music was nearly broke and very rare band that comes to rent.

Without an income, I have experienced up to three days without eating. Do not eat all day and day of eating is something I experience every day. I ever felt did not eat for three days. Fortunately, on the third day. suddenly there was a band that rented my music studio. after they finished rent, I get money Rp 10.000, – and hurried up to go to a small dining place. I only buy rice and boiled eggs, then flush with vegetable soup. Did you know? It was up to now there is nothing more delicious than eating at the time. On Bandung, I had already visited all restaurants. Yet until now, I never eat as good as eat at that time, although only eat by rice and eggs. It turns out,  I just know that if you eat with Gratitude, really like something extraordinary Blessing.  At the rose, my girlfriend who wanted to marry her instead to go leave me without news. Not long ago she was married to someone else. So I’ve fallen and still falling ladder. Falling on the hole that feels most deeply, in this life.

At the moment I fell, no nothing and depression. I start learn more about the religion. At the time of Ramadan. Suddenly, I was invited dhikr recitation and prayer. I only followed twice. But I learn from it. apparently, God is guiding me. I can only cry and resist this suffering sore. All I could do was pray. I remember the prayer. ”Oh God, I want to have a job. I want a salary amount BlaBlaBla Rupiahs. But I do not have anything. I do not have much intelligence. I was also weak. But I’ve got a great big God. God Almighty and All-Everything. Oh God, help This weak man. Amin … Then I learned dhikr and prayers. Occasionally I do tahajud.

At the time I was desperate. My friend gave the news that there is a large insurance company will cooperate with Indonesia’s largest bank, will open up job opportunities. I say that I do not want to work in insurance, I am a technical person and want to work in oil companies. He said there is no option for you. Do you want to keep jobless? While you have trouble to eat. Music Studio was already going bankrupt. Ok, I told him I took this job. Then I asked him, where should I apply for this opportunity? He said no need, we have only just walking interview.

Oh my God, I do not want this job. This must be sales / marketing, and I do not want to be a sales without the basic salary. Without any choice, we finally went to the test to doing interview. I finally joined to this Bancassurance company’s. There is no basic salary, commission only. If  we get closing, the basic salary will come out Rp 500 000, -.  Suffering is not over. The first month, no sales.  Manager and Staff of the Bank Branch located in the BSD, did not support the sale of this insurance product. I went to the office only rely on money from the Studio. but, if there is revenue only. Fortunately from Bintaro – BSD, using KRL transportation (electric trains) that the tickets only Rp1500, -. Go to work only with the money of Rp 5000, – was common. Once, a CSO offers lunch together, but I told her I’m Fasting. And this because I do not have any money. This often happens. I only eat dry noodles for Rp 500, -. I bought two, one for lunch and one for the night. But I also really often FATSTED at the time.

At that time, all sellers who are not productive in calling for a Sales Clinic. At that moment, my life changed. For some reason, the national head of sales came at the Sales Clinic. He come and are interested in seeing my presentation. The following month, he included me to go to Manado for product dissemination. Last month also, my sales increased until I get salary amounted to Rp 13 million, -. I tremble to receive salary after so long. And I can pay all my debts as long as no payday. Only three months from I had joined, I got a promotion to Area Manager. Finally I get a basic salary. What I’ve prayed to the God, all the grant by Him. Five months later, I get a salary many times greater after I get the promotion and moved to Bandung for mutation. Never imagined, I got facilities cars and drivers. This car all day long I can use, even at weekends, can I take this car.

God has given what I had never imagined. On Bandung, I get an incredible wife. I never dreamed of getting a woman as beautiful as she. What I want, actually it is not as pretty as she. And I never fell in love with a woman as beautiful as that. Imagine how lucky and happy I am. She is a singer who was Go International. He never could Choir Gold Medal at the world championships, along Elfas. She is a singer from the Group Mendua. Several times a show on TV3 Malaysia. One of the songs, became famous in malaysia soundtrack (OST. Mermaid). Has be Indonesian Idol contestant and her former well-known radio announcer in bandung, OZ Radio.

Finally I resigned from the job although I’m at the peak of success. The global crisis hits the American Insurance companies. Consequently there was no appointment of a permanent employee. Precisely termination of employment for permanent employees. I am a contract employee, remains extended, even though it was the year I should be appointed permanently.With the consideration I am getting married, I finally took the decision of this resignation.

however, God has granted my prayer in just seven months, I have given what I have never felt. I had never imagined. I learned so much, we are not worthy of pride. We are small. This world is too small. It is easy for God to take what we have in an instant. God can give anything in an instant. Not only America, one of this earth, if God wills. God can give to us. I learned that the heart enveloped by Lust. Hearts that have been free from lust, then He can feel the Light of God. It’s commonly called MAKRIFAT. Ikhlas is the key to the world. Ikhlas is Total Surrender. I’m learning to be a Muslim. Because if I was Muslim, if I no longer have a sense of fear, sadness, disappointment,  worry, anxiety, doubt, jealousy, envy, envious, etc.. If I feel that, then I have not been converted to Islam. How could I say that my God is my ALLAH SWT, if my heart while still others fear to the other God. Fear of God job, Fear of God boss, afraid of the God of the world, etc..

Ikhlas / Total Surrender is the key. Islam is a pure heart. Net of jealousy and envy. Not afraid of israel or other religions. Because God is on my heart. Even if there is no longer Islamic. So I continue to be the only Muslim in the World. Not destroying places of worship of other religions. Not kill people and Not acting anarchists. Muhammad did not teach it. Islam is beautiful. And I have felt the trip. See, many people learn meditation and yoga to alleviate depression. Currently, We can talk wirelessly via cellular. Dhikr is communication with God through the heart. The universe has a positive and negative forces. The universe has a wave of electricity so that we can talk without wires. watch tv from a satellite, etc.. But in universe, it’s a different energy. All people can recover from the disease with these waves. It can also be successful with this wave. But the energy of God is different. You can feel it, if you make dhikr.

I hope this story can be an inspiration to you. Ask for help to GOD, because He is the best Helper


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